Rental Application

The rental application must be completed and submitted with the minimum credit fee of $25.00 for each adult applicant. This credit fee can be in the form of personal check or money order. Applications will not be processed without the minimum deposit, unless you are able to provide your own credit report with score that is from within the last 30 days. The applicant understands if the application is accepted and you do not take the rental you will forfeit the deposit of $25.00 per adult, if KKPM, LLC does not accept the rental application the deposit will be used to pay for the credit report.

The applicant may obtain a copy of their credit report if they choose to request. Rental applications will remain on file for two (2) years after received. If you choose to pay the security deposit when submitting the application, the security deposit is equivalent to one-month’s rental payment. If paid when submitting the application, it will be accepted as Earnest Money. Once the application is accepted and the lease is signed, it will then be considered the security deposit to hold the property for you until move in. Until the security deposit is paid and the lease is signed, an agreement has not been entered into. If paying the security deposit and rent within 48 hours of move in all payments must be a certified bank check or money order. No personal checks will be accepted.

Apartment Association of South Central Wisconsin