Property Owner Services

Property Owners Interested In Property Management

This is your opportunity as a property owner to maintain ownership, but relieve yourself of property management duties and maintain personalized service to you and your tenants.

Delivering top-level service is Kris Kohlman Property Management, LLC's specialty, and we thrive in a diverse and fast-paced management environment.  Throughout my career, I have accrued a multitude of skills including client relations, management operations, and creating problem solving.  Each property differs in its needs and amenities offered to their residents.  KKPM, LLC understands and strives to reach the goals set forth by each individual Rental Property and Condominium Association.

KKPM, LLC has demonstrated a tremendous ability to support and maintain numerous business objectives.  We are seeking new professional challenges, and we are eager to put our acquired knowledge toward the growth and development of your properties.  KKPM, LLC works diligently to provide excellence in our professional endeavors and have earned a reputation for our integrity and results-driven work ethic.

KKPM, LLC is a full service property management company. We handle every aspect of property management. With dedication to provide a high level of management experience, no property is too small nor too large.  We range in inventory size from single family homes to duplexes, apartment complexes, condominium associations, retail, and office properties.

What can KKPM, LLC do for you and your property?

Management Services

  • Member of Apartment Association of South Central Wisconsin
  • Licensed Real Estate Broker
  • Property Inspections for owners who are traveling or our of town for extended period of time
  • Rental Payments from your property are deposited into your account or a Trust Account
  • Monitor rental market conditions to stay current on market rents and trends
  • Advertise available rentals.
  • Credit and reference checks for prospective tenants.
  • Agent for tenant relations and questions.
  • Procure tenants and negotiate lease terms with tenants.
  • Sign, renew and/or cancel leases for the property or any part thereof.
  • Terminate tenancies with appropriate notices.
  • Collect timely rental payments per agreement/lease and provide receipts.
  • Conduct resident move-in/move-out inspections.
  • Disburse funds in payment of bills incurred in the normal day-to-day maintenance and operation of the property; said funds to be deducted from collections received.
  • Prepare financial statements at various intervals.
  • Agent for repairs and maintenance. A specific repair/maintenance person can be used if one is preferred.
  • On-call 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, for maintenance emergencies.
  • Agent for security deposit returns.
  • Maintain all utility accounts incurred by tenants during tenancy after move-out.
  • Abide by all Fair Housing Laws and Regulations.

What advertising services are provided to property owners?

Advertising Services

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